How To Use This Site

How To Use This Site

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7

1847  U.S. troops occupy Vera Cruz,  Mexico.

1871  First National Bank of Cheyenne chartered. Attribution:  On This Day.

1890  A Congressman from Illinois announced his opposition to Wyoming statehood due to suffrage provision in the proposed state's constitution.

1899  The Philippine Insurrection starts at San Juan del Monte with an assault by Philippine troops..  The first shot is fired by an Englishman serving in the Nebraska volunteers.  First engagement starts with that shot followed by shots fired by Nebraska and Wyoming volunteers and soon other troops, from state volunteer units were engaged.  The Philippine forces initially took some American positions, but by the end of the day, positions were retaken.

1911 The U.S. deploys 20,000 troops to the Mexican border due to the Mexican Revolution.

1917   The Cheyenne State Leader for March 7, 1917: Mustering Out

Mustering out was going quickly.  This Wednesday paper was reporting that Wyoming National Guardsmen would be mustered out by Saturday.

What that would have meant, in this context, is that they were spending all day cleaning equipment and inventorying it.  After that, they'd be released from full time duty and returned to their local units.  What occurred to the men who had never actually been in those units, and that was quite a few men, I don't know.
1944  It is announced that the Wyoming State Hospital at Rock Springs will be training nurses for the Army.

2008  Then Senator Barack Obama spoke at the University of Wyoming.

2016  News broke that former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill filed suit against Legislator Tim Stubson, who is running for Congress, for defamation.  The suit alleges that statements published on Stubson's Facebook page defamed Hill.

Natrona County Courthouse, where the suit was filed.

Hill had been a lightening rod for criticism during her tenure as Superintendent of Public Instruction and was involved in a protracted battle with her critics and the legislature.  She lost much of her authority when the legislature removed it in favor of a new appointed office, which ultimately was reversed by the Wyoming Supreme Court.  By that time she was running for governor against the incumbent Matt Mead, a race which failed.

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