How To Use This Site

How To Use This Site

This blog was updated on a daily basis for about two years, with those daily entries ceasing on December 31, 2013. The blog is still active, however, and we hope that people stopping in, who find something lacking, will add to the daily entries.

The blog still receives new posts as well, but now it receives them on items of Wyoming history. That has always been a feature of the blog, but Wyoming's history is rich and there are many items that are not fully covered here, if covered at all. Over time, we hope to remedy that.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18

1836 Hudson's Bay Company paddle wheel steamer Beaver arrives at Fort Vancouver becoming the first steamboat on the Pacific Coast.

1883 Cheyenne newspapers report on a shocking total of 37 executions within a reportable time frame having been conducted by vigilantes.

1886  Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, appeared in a Cheyenne production of Hamlet in the title role.

1916:  The Punitive Expedition: The Casper Daily Press, March 18, 1916

1917  The Laramie Boomerang for March 18, 1917. Extra Edition
Pancho Villa was poised to attack Chihuahua again, which made the front page of the Laramie Boomerang, but which surely didn't cause the extra edition. The increasingly disastrous Atlantic news was causing that.

1918  The City of Casper reported twenty two arrests during the weekend, perhaps because of an outbreak of excessively boisterous St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1921  Spotted Horse post office established.  Spotted Horse was a Crow leader, and the junction is named for him.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1929  The coal mine at Cambria was closed.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1931  Legendary University of Wyoming geology professor S. H. Knight took these photographs.

1942 US Army Engineers start building Alcan (Alaska) Highway.  I've been surprised how many times I've met Wyomingites from that era who worked on it in some capacity.

1968 The U.S. Congress repeals the requirement for a gold reserve to back US currency.

1974 The oil embargo against the US by oil producing Arab states, called in protest of U.S. support of Israel during the 1973 October War, is lifted. U.S. dependency on Arab oil was already well known to the government, given successful efforts to have the Arabs keep the price of oil from rising during later stages of the Vietnam War.

1983  The Redlick (Chambers) Lodge added tot he National Registry of Historic Places.   Attribution:  On This Day.

1994  The Triceratops was adopted as the official State Dinosaur.

2003  A major snowstorm blanketed Wyoming and Colorado.


1892    Former Canadian Governor General Lord Stanley says he will donate a silver challenge cup as an award for the best hockey team in Canada.

1931 Schick Inc. marketed the first electric razor.

1938   Mexico nationalizes all oil properties of the US and other foreign-owned companies.

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