How To Use This Site

How To Use This Site

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The blog still receives new posts as well, but now it receives them on items of Wyoming history. That has always been a feature of the blog, but Wyoming's history is rich and there are many items that are not fully covered here, if covered at all. Over time, we hope to remedy that.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13

1852     "Uncle Sam" made his debut as a cartoon character in the New York Lantern.

1884     Standard Time was adopted throughout the United States.

1908  An American car reached Evanston in a New York to Paris race.  The early automobile era saw some spectacular races and efforts of this type. At the time, highways in the region were simply dirt roads.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1916   The Punitive Expedition: The Casper Daily Press, March 13, 1916



The Douglas Enterprise for March 13, 1917: Company F makes it home.

Douglas' Company F arrived home the prior Saturday and the news was reported that Tuesday.  If they were home, chances are that all the men from central Wyoming had likewise returned.

In other news high school baseball teams were already playing each other, even though it was only March and that's still a winter month in Wyoming.  The high schools in the state today no longer have baseball, which isn't surprising as the weather simply isn't conducive for it.

The World War One oil boom had hit Converse County, as this paper gives evidence of.  Converse County remains a major oil location today.  The oil fields referenced in the paper largely spread out towards Casper, which was having a huge oil boom at the time.
The Cheyenne State Leader for March 13, 1917: Eight Wyoming Guardsmen enlisted in Navy.

Some Wyoming Guardsmen were already back under orders. . . but in the Navy.

What motivated the switch in services isn't clear, but in the immediate pre World War One period in the US the news was full of the Navy.  Whether that motivated their switch in services or not, those eight would serve out the upcoming war in a new service.  Of course, they couldn't have known that their fellows in the Guard would be back in active duty very soon.
1918  The Ohio Oil Company commences drilling a well that would become the first Lance Creek area producing oil well.

1974   Arab nations decided to end the oil embargo on the U.S.

2009  Cmdr. William C. McKinney relieved Cmdr. William M. Combes as commander of the SSBN Wyoming during a change-of-command ceremony.

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