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How To Use This Site

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6

1813  Congress of Chilpancingo declares Mexico independent of Spain.

1860 Abraham Lincoln elected President.

Lincoln is obviously one of the most significant Presidents in United States history.  In terms of direct impact on Wyoming, it should be noted that the Homestead Act and the initiation of the transcontinental railroad occured during his administration, amongst many other significant events.

1868  Red Cloud's War ends by treaty, although it had really been over for some months.

1886  George W. Baxter took the oath of office after being appointed as the sixth territorial governor of Wyoming.

1888     Benjamin Harrison was elected President.

1889  Wyoming's constitution adopted. The Wyoming constitution is unusual for a state constitution in that it has survived, albeit with amendments, since adoption.  Most U.S. States have replaced their original state constitutions.  The constitution was the first of a U.S. State to provide for female suffrage in the constitution.

1890  The last troops stationed at Fr. Bridger depart.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1891  Vincent Michael Carter, U.S. Representative for Wyoming from 1929-1935, born in St. Clair, Pennsylvania.  He was a graduate of Catholic University and a World War One Marine Corps officer.  He set up his law practice in Casper Wyoming in 1919, and then relocated it to Kemmerer Wyoming prior to becoming the Rupublican Congressman from Wyoming in 1929.

1900 A terrible train wreck occurred near Tie Siding in Albany County.

1900     President William B. McKinley was returned to office, defeating Democrat William Jennings Bryan.  This go around Wyoming went with McKinley.  It's hard to say what caused Bryan to loose, when he'd done well before, in Wyoming, but it was also the case that Republican progressive Theodore Roosevelt, who was enormously popular in the West, was the the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republicans.  It would hav e been hard to find a figure more popular than Roosevelt at that time.  He's served as McKinley's Assistant Secretary of the Navy in McKinley's first term before resigning to serve as a volunteer cavalryman in the Spanish American War.

Theodore Roosevelt.

1906  Bryant B. Brooks elected Governor.  The Republican won in a four candidate race in which the Democrats were the major contenders, but the Populist People's Party and the Socialist Party also ran candidates, although they received very few votes.

1908  Robert LeRoy Parker, aka "Butch" Cassidy and Harry Alonzo Lonabaugh, aka "The Sundance Kid", are killed in a gun battle with Bolivian cavalry in San Vincete Boliva.  While Parker and Lonabaugh were regional criminals, they were headquartered in Johnson County's Hole In the Wall country for most of their US criminal career.

Harry Lonabaugh, seated, far left.  Robert LeRoy Parker, seated far right.

1916:   The Wyoming Tribune for November 6, 1916. The Nation's Hope, and Do You Want 5,000 Troops at Ft. Russell?

The Wyoming Tribune declared candidate Hughes the "nation's hope" the day prior to the General Election.  It also appealed to the business interest in Cheyenne, indicating that a vote for Hughes was a vote to put 5,000 troops at Ft. D. A. Russell, and their paychecks, of course, with them.
The Cheyenne State Leader for November 6, 1916

The day prior to the election readers of the leader had their attention directed to Mexico, including the war in Mexico and the relatively recent battle of Carrizal.

A late supposed scandal received attention from the paper as well, regarding a purchase of property by John B. Kendrick prior to his being Governor.  And, interestingly, the paper abbreviated the name of its base city as "Chian".
1928     Republican Herbert Hoover was elected president over Democrat Alfred E. Smith.

 President Hoover

Hoover won by a landslide that year.  Wyoming was no exception, as Wyoming's voters gave Hoover 64% of the vote.

1928  Vincent Michael Carter elected Congressman from Wyoming on his birthday.

1930   J.B. Okie, a giant in the sheep industry, and a relocated wealthy Easterner, died while duck hunting near Lost Cabin, his Wyoming home.  Okie's life reads somewhat like a soap opera.  Economically, his small start in the sheep industry turned into a giant regional industry centered around Fremont and Natrona Counties, with a large headquarters in Lost Cabin, a railhead in Lysite and stores elsewhere.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1934  Joseph C. O'Mahoney elected to the Senate from Wyoming.  He was an incumbant as he was serving out the term of John B. Kendrick, who had died in office the prior year.  The Democrat held the office until 1953.

1934  Paul R. Greever elected to Congress from Wyoming.

Former Governor Nellie Tayloe Ross and Congressman Paul R. Greever at a Wyoming Day event.

1947  First broadcast of Meet The Press.

1956  President Eisenhower wins a second term in office.  Not surprisingly, Wyoming liked Ike for a second term.

1962  Milward Simpson elected Senator from Wyoming.

1962  Clifford Hanson elected Governor.

Hanson's election ended a period in which both of Wyoming's Senators were Democrats.

1981  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that a black footed ferret, an animal presumed extinct, had been discovered in Wyoming.

1990  Governor Michael Sullivan defeats contender Mary Mead in the Gubernatorial election.

2012  Election Day for 2012.  President Barack Obama reelected.  Wyoming's electoral vote went to challenger Mitt Romney.  Sitting Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis reelected, as was sitting Senator John Barasso.

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