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How To Use This Site

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7

1805  The Corps of Discovery reached the Pacific Ocean.

1835  Texas' Declaration of November 7, 1835 adopted by the Consultation at San Felipe documenting Texas' reasons for taking up arms against Mexico. Attribution:  On This Day.

It stated:
November 7, 1835.

DECLARACION DEL PUEBLO DE TEJAS, Reunido en Convencion General. Por cuantoel general Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, asociado con otros gefes militareshan destruido por medio de la fuerza armada las Instituciones Federalesde la Nacion Mejicana, y disuelto el pacto social que existia entre el Pueblo de Tejas y las demas partes de la confederacion Mejicana, el buen Pueblo de Tejas, usando de sus derechos naturales, DECLARA SOLEMNEMENTE,
Primero. Que ha tomado las armas en defensa de sus derechos y libertad esamenezados por los ataques del despotismo militar; y en defensa de losprincipios republicanos de la Constitucion Federal de Mejico, sancionadaen 1824.
Segundo. Que aunque Tejas no esta ya ni politica ni moralmenteligado por los lazos de la Union Federal, movido por la simpatia y generosidadnaturales a los pueblos libres, ofrece ayuda y asistencia a aquellos miembrosde la confederacion que tomasen las armas contra el despotismo militar.
Tercero. Que no reconoce en las actuales autoridades de la nominal Republica Mejicana ningun derecho para gobernar en el territorio de Tejas.
Cuarto.Que no cesara de hacer la guerra contra las mencionadas autoridades mientrasmantengan tropas en los terminos de Tejas.
Quinto. Que se considera conderecho de separarse de la Union a Mejico durante la desorganizacion delSistema Federal y el regimen del despotismo, y para organizar un gobiernoindependiente o adoptar aquellas medidas que sean adecuadas para protegersus derechos y libertades; pero continuara fiel al gobierno Mejicano enel caso de que la nacion sea gobernada por la Constitucion y las leyesque fueron formadas para el regimen de su asociacion politica.
Sesto. Que Tejas se obliga a pagar los gastos de sus tropas en actividad actualmenteen la campana.
Septimo. Que Tejas empena su credito y fe publica para elpago de las deudas que contrageren sus agentes.
Octavo. Que recompensaracon donaciones de tierra y los derechos de ciudadania a los voluntariosque prestasen servicios en la presente lucha. Esta es la declaracion queprofesamos delante del mundo, llamando a Dios por testigo de la sinceridadde nuestras intenciones, invocando su maldicion sobre nuestras cabezasen el caso de faltar a ella por doblez o intencion danada.
B.T. ARCHER, Presidente.

Municipalidad de Gonzales-- J. D. Clemens

Municipalidad de Austin --Benjamin Fuqua, Thomas Barnett, James Hodges, Wyly Martin,
William Arrington, Randall Jones, William S. Fisher, Wm. Menifee, G.W. Davis. Jesse Burnam.

Municipalidad de Viesca.

Municipalidad de Matagorda.-- S.T. Allen, R.R. Royall, A.G. Perry, Charles Wilson, J.G.W. Pierson

Municipalidad de Washington-- Alexander Thompson, Asa Mitchell, J.W.Parker. Philip Coe

Municipalidad de Nacogdoches-- Elijah Collard, Samuel Houston, Jesse Grimes, Daniel Parker, A. Hoxie, James W. Robertson

Municipalidad de Mina-- William Whitaker, J.S. Lester

Municipalidad of Bevil-- D.C. Barrett, John Bevil, R.M. Williamson. S.H. Everett

Municipalidad de Columbia-- Wyatt Hanks, Henry Smith

Municipalidad de San Augustin --Edwin Waller, A. Houston, J.S.D. Byrom, Wm. N. Sigler, John A. Wharton, A.E.C. Johnson, W.D.C. Hall, Martin Palmer, A. Horton

Municipalidad de Harrisburgh --Henry Augustin, Lorenzo de Zavala, A.G.Kellog. Wm. P. Harris

Municipalidad de Liberty -- C.C. Dyer, J.B. WoodsMeriwether W. Smith, A.B. Hardin, John W. Moore, Henry Millard, D.B.Macomb, C. West.

Sala de la Convencion en San Felipe de Austin, 7 deNoviembre de 1825. P.B. Dexter, Secretario.

1848  Zachary Taylor was elected president of US.

1871  The second session of Wyoming's Territorial Legislative Assembly began. It continued until December 16.

1876 Rutherford B. Hayes was elected 19th president of the US.

1877  The fifth session of Wyoming's Territorial Legislative Assembly began.  

1885   Donald A. Smith, later Lord Strathcona drives in the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Craigellachie, in the Eagle Pass, British Columbia.

1893  Colorado grants women the franchise.

1913 The school house in Guernsey was destroyed by fire.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1916  President Woodrow Wilson was re-elected over Charles Evans Hughes, but the race was so close that the results were not known until November 11.Wyoming's electorate gave 55% of the vote to Wilson.

1916  John B. Kendrick elected to the Senate from Wyoming.

1916     Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana became the first woman elected to Congress.  She would boldly cast "no" votes on the measures to declare war in World War One and World War Two.

 The Laramie Daily Boomerang for November 7, 1916. Wars and highways.

The Laramie Daily Boomerang, which is still published today, didn't bother much with elections in its November 7, 1916 edition.  It focused on the news of other things, including the crisis in Mexico, prohibition in Virginia, Polish independence and the Lincoln Highway eliminating polls.

The Boomerang, perhaps, may have felt that the voters had made up their minds and focused on other things.
The Douglas Budget for November 7, 1916. Be loyal to our party.

The newspaper for the small town of Douglas simply urged voters to Republican party loyalty.  A. R. Merritt, however, of the RCU Store, didn't worry about whether you were a member of the "the Republican and Progressive Party, the Democratic Party, the Socialist Party and the Prohibition Party" (all parties that were actually fielding candidates on a serious basis), as long as you had the right party dress.
The Wyoming Tribune for November 7, 1916, 3:30 Edition: Early reports indicate Hughes

The Wyoming Tribune, which had been solidly Republican in the 1916 campaign, looked forward to Hughes being elected and was predicting John B. Kendrick's "Waterloo" in its 3:30 edition.

The early reports, as we'll see, may have not been right.
The Cheyenne Leader for November 7, 1916: The Leader takes a shot at the Tribune.

The Cheyenne Leader was backing Wilson and Kendrick, and it had apparently had enough of the Tribune.

Of note, the Leader was taking a "bring the boys back home" approach to the election, in part, obviously indicating that a vote for Hughes was a vote for prolonged entanglement in Mexico.
The Casper Record for November 7, 1916. All America Joins Shout "Wilson's The Man!"

The Casper Record confidently predicted that "all America" would shout for Wilson.  It also came out for Pat Sullivan, rising local politician, Irish immigrant, and very successful local sheepman.  He built a house which was, up until recently, the largest house in Casper.  Of interest, at least one of the ranching families mentioned in the article is still ranching in the same location, which is a bit comforting.

We also learn that the Midwest Hotel was about to go up, which it did.  And C. H. Townsend directed our attention to rugs.

1944     President Franklin D. Roosevelt won a fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E. Dewey.

1969  Thurmon Arnold, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust actions in the Roosevelt Administration from 1938 to 1943, and former Mayor of Laramie, born in Laramie, died on date.  The Thurman Arnold Building in Washington D. C. is named after him.  He was later a Justice of the D. C. Circuit.

1972 President Richard M. Nixon was re-elected in a landslide over Democrat George McGovern.

1972  A Sublette County straw poll shows 970 people opposed to, 279 in favor of and 105 undecided on the "Wagon Wheel Project" which would extract natural gas in the area with five underground nuclear explosions.  Yikes!  Attribution: Wyoming State Historical Society.
1976   The Johnson County Library (Carnegie Public Library) was added to the National Register for Historic Places.

2000     George W. Bush was elected president.

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