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How To Use This Site

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16

Today is National Boss's Day.

1889  Emma Howell Knight, future dean of women at the University of Wyoming and Wilbur Clinton Knight, future UW professor of mining and metallurgy, and the future parents of future legendary UW Geology Professor Samuel Howell “Doc” Knight, married in Omaha, Nebraska.

1909  Following on his success of the prior month, August Malchow fought again at the Methany Hall in Thermopolis, defeating challenger Johnny Gilsey in a draw.

1912  Clifford Hansen was born in Zenith Wyoming.  The Teton County rancher was Governor from 1963 to 1967 and then Senator from 1967 to 1978.

1916  Cavalry withdrawn from Yellowstone National Park.  Attribution:  On This Day.

 Cavalry in Yellowstone, 1903.

Cavalry escorting President Arthur in Yellowstone, 1883.

1916The Wyoming Tribune for October 16, 1916: Carranza's family in flight. . . or were they?

Readers if the always sensational Wyoming Tribune learned, in the afternoon Monday edition, that the family of Carranza was in flight, suggesting he was about to fall from power.

Well, he wasn't.  He'd remain firmly in power, and in fact at that time was working on his proposals for a new Mexican constitution.  Readers of the Tribune, however, were probably pretty worried.

On other matters, Charles E. Hughes declared himself to be a man of peace, and the Wilson Administration denied that the US was somehow responsible for the execution of Roger Casement, who was sentenced due to his role in the recent Irish Nationalist's uprising against the United Kingdom.

1993  Lusk becomes the first town in the United States to have a community wide fiber optic telephone system.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

Oral arguments were heard in two consolidated same gender marriage cases in the Federal District Courthouse in Casper.

In spite of what some laymen apparently expected, the Court of course did not rule from the bench. The Court did indicate it would rule Monday, however, which is frankly an unwise decision.  While this decision will be important, it is not the type of legal proceeding that really requires an expedited ruling, nor for that matter an expedited hearing, which is apparently what it received. At least on the appellate level the Courts have been pleased to stay the impact of their rulings from time to time indicating a general willingness to let the course of these matters proceed at the typical pace. An expedited ruling would suggest other matters are put aside, which for the most part generally isn't warranted.  Indeed, in this are, given the speed at which these cases are proceeding to the appellate level, waiting for a resolution from higher courts in general might be a better approach, although that might require a split in the circuits which has so far not occurred.

At any rate, the decision will be an important one with impacts to be yet unseen, and with a result that will be socially divisive no matter what the ruling may be.

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