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How To Use This Site

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3

1823 Stephen F. Austin received a grant from the Mexican government and began colonization in the region of the Brazos River in Texas.

1834 The Mexican government imprisons the Texas colonizer Stephen Austin in Mexico City.

1900  University of Wyoming  coeds formed an "anti-giggling society", according to today's entry for the Wyoming State Historical Society.  I guess this is a window into an earlier time, as it's hard to imagine coed giggling being a major problem of any sort today.

1917   The Cheyenne State Leader for January 3, 1917: Negotiations with Mexico at a hiatus

The Cheyenne State Leader ran the story a little differently, but it was still of real concern.  Negotiations with Mexico were at a hiatus.

And filings under the new Stock Raising Homestead Act of 1916 were so high that the Land Office had to shut its doors.

Drugs were in the headlines as well, something I wouldn't have expected in a 1917 newspaper.
The Wyoming Tribune for January 3, 1917. Things getting worse with Carranza?

Things didn't seem to be going well with the negotiations with Mexico at all.

The cartoon must have seemed to be the case to quite a few at the time, as Villa seemed quite resurgent.  But in reality Carranza was simply insistent on Mexican sovereignty.  He was dealing with two major contests to his administration at the same time, which was pretty risky, but in retrospect, he did it pretty well.

1920 The last of the U.S. troops depart France.

1920  The USS Cheyenne (Monitor No. 10), which had originally been commissioned as the USS Wyoming, was decommissioned.

 The Cheyenne in her final role as a submarine tender.

1926 A Piggly Wiggly opens in Lander.

1927  Frank C. Emerson took office as Governor.

1937  Henry Schwartz took office as U.S. Senator.

1943  Edward V. Robinson took office as U.S. Senator.

1943  The Battle of Midway, an official war film, was shown in the Grand Theatre in Lander.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1943 POW Camp approved for Douglas.

1949  Arthur G. Crane took office as Governor.  Perhaps unfortunately for his early occupancy of the office, the State was within the first 24 hours of the Blizzard of 1949.

1949  Lester Hunt took office as U.S. Senator.

1953  Clifford G. Rogers took office as Governor.

1953  Frank A. Barret took office as U.S. Senator.

1955  Milward Simpson took office as Governor.

1959  Gale McGee took office as U.S. Senator.

1961  Lester Hickey took office as U.S. Senator.

1967  Clifford Hanson took office as U.S. Senator.

1977  Maclolm Wallop took office as U.S. Senator.

1995  Craig Thomas took office as U.S. Senator.

1997  Mike Enzi took office as U.S. Senator.

2007  Senator Craig Thomas is assigned to the Senate's "Candy Desk", a desk that requires the occupants, by long tradition, to stock the same with candies for the Senators.

2011  Matt Mead took office as Governor.

2017  Liz Cheney sworn in as Congressman from Wyoming.

2017  Marian Orr sworn in as Cheyenne's first female mayor.   Wyoming Supreme Court Justice Bill Hill administered the oath.   Cheyenne retains the mayoral form of government so its mayor has real authority.

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