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How To Use This Site

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15

Today is Victory over Japan Day

 VJ Day Crowd in  Times Squire, New York City.

1842  John C. Fremont raised the Stars and Stripes from the top of the Wind River Range, naming the location "Fremont's Peak."

1875  Frank Wolcott, of Johnson County Invasion fame, assumes the office of U.S. Marshall for Wyoming for the second time.

1891  A Laramie cycling club was organized.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1906  Lands ceded the prior year from the Wind River Reservation opened for settlement.

1909  An automobile racer died in a race in Cheyenne when his car struck a cow on the racetrack.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1940  Ft. Laramie publicly dedicated as a National Monument.  Attribution:  On This Day.

1942  The first landing at the Casper Air Base took place when Lt. Col. James A. Moore landed a Aeronca at the base.

1945    The Allies proclaimed V-J Day, one day after Japan agreed to surrender unconditionally.  Hirohito's surrender message is broadcast to the Japanese people.  Japanese aircraft raid TF 38, 12 hours after Hirohito's surrender order.  Soviet aircraft sink 860 ton frigate Kenju off Hokkaido; last Japanese warship lost during World War II.A two-day holiday is proclaimed for all federal employees. In New York, Mayor La Guardia pays tribute to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the deceased president, in a radio broadcast.  US Task Force 38 launches massive air strikes on the Tokyo area, encountering numerous Japanese fighters but the aircraft are recalled upon receipt of the surrender announcement. Vice-Admiral Ugaki, commanding Kamikaze operations, leads a final mission but the 7 dive-bombers are shot down off Tokyo before they can reach Okinawa. South Korea was liberated after nearly 40 years of Japanese colonial rule.  US gasoline rationing ends.

1949  Ground breaking for War Memorial Stadium in Laramie.  Attribution:  On This Day.

2001  Pony Express monument unveiled in Casper.

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