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How To Use This Site

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Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17

1579  Francis Drake anchors in a harbor just north of present-day San Francisco, California, and claims the territory for Queen Elizabeth I, hence explaining the media's fascination with British Royal weddings.

1849  The United States flag raised at Ft. Laramie, now a military post.  Attribution:  On This Day.

1866  Colonel Henry B. Carrington's column left Fort Laramie and started up the Bozeman Trail.The command arrived at Fort Reno on June 28.

1876  The Sioux and Cheyenne block the northern advance of General Crooks Command, operating out of Ft. Fetterman, just over the Montana line in the Battle of the Rosebud.  Unlike what would happen to Custer shortly thereafter, his forces recovered sufficiently so as to be able to hold the field, and then retire from it in order shortly thereafter.  Crook would withdraw all the way to the Big Horns, where the command spent the balance of the summer, engaging in, amongst other things, fishing and hunting.

Somewhat fanciful rendition of Crook's command at the Rosebud.

1904  Harry Hudson and John H. Henderlite fought at their sheep camp in the Big Horns and Hudson killed Henderlite, who claimed self defense and asserted that Henderlite came at him with a knife.  He was arrested, but let go for lack of evidence.  Henderlite was buried on location.

1913  U.S. Marines set sail from San Diego to protect American interests in Mexico.

1916  Wyoming National Guard mobilized and Federalized for Mexican border service.  On this same eventful day, additional American troops under the command of Gen. Pershing enter Mexico in an effort to track down Pancho Villa.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1921   Lightning strikes and ignites several oil tanks owned by Midwest Oil Company outside of Casper. The fire that resulted burned for 60 hours and consumed more than a half million gallons of oil.  It was a major disaster at the time.  Attribution:  On This Day.

1957  Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody dedicated.


  1. O my gosh!!! Forty five years ago, after we had spent a really hard day fixing fence up east of Cherry Creek, my girl friend's grandmother and her employer (who was very elderly also)took us on a day trip and we went past this grave. There was no marker, but a wooden cross that had fallen over and Grandma told us the story and hobbled over to the cross and said "Here Henderson(she called him Henderson) I'll prop your cross back up you mean old s.o.b." HA HA. It was a fun summer up on the mountain with those 2 and I have a lot of fond memories of it.

  2. Wow, great recollection! Thanks for posting it.

    As you no doubt know, the small stream that's near this location took its name from the grave, and is simply called Grave Springs. It's a spot I go by several times a year, working cattle.

  3. Having had my memory jogged (it needs jump started some days!!) Grandma called him Hendrix not Henderson. She was probably old enough to have known him as a child. She'd spent her life in the area and in Basin, Wyoming. There was a simple wooden cross over the grave then, propped up by rocks and it had fallen over. I was not even aware we were near Grave Springs at that time so thanks for that info.