How To Use This Site

How To Use This Site

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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Casper Star Tribune decides to put out a book on Casper's history.

The Casper Star Tribune is collection pre 1940s photographs for a book on Casper's history up through 1939 that it's putting out.  I'll be looking forward to the book.

It's interesting that they chose to run it up through 1939.  I'm not sure what the basis of their decision is, but that means they're cutting it off the year before the country mobilized for World War Two.  Perhaps that's the basis of it. 

It's also interesting that this will be the third such book in recent years. The first was A View From Center Street, which cataloged the works of a well known local photographer through his career and the second was a photo book that's part of a nationwide series.  Now the Tribune is taking on the same topic.  Apparently there must be a lot of interest in this topic, which is a good thing.  The Tribune, with statewide readership, stands a pretty good chance of having their book be the widest circulated although I suspect a lot of us locals will have all three.

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