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How To Use This Site

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Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4

1880  Former Territorial Governor Campbell resigned as American counsel in Basel Switzerland.

1889  Harry Lonabaugh, more commonly known as the Sundance Kid, is pardoned by Wyoming Territorial Governor Moonlight.  Lonabaugh was serving time in the Crook County Jail, in Sundance Wyoming, for having stolen a horse, saddle, and firearm.

Lonabaugh would work as a cowboy in Alberta after his release from the Crook County jail. He returned to Wyoming sometime around 1896, and formed the Hole In the Wall Gang with Robert Leroy Parker, better known as Butch Cassidy. The gang had wide ranging criminal activity, conducting robberies as far south as Utah. In 1901 Lonabaugh and Parker, together with Etta Place left for South America, where Parker and Lonabaugh would ultimately be killed in Boliva, in 1908, in a gun battle with a small party of Bolivian cavalrymen and police.

Place, pictured here, was the paramour or perhaps wife of Lonabaugh, taking his mother's maiden name for her last name, although she also used Lonabaugh. She has the distinction of being the first women in Argentina to have acquired land under that country's 1884 homestead act, at which time Lonabaugh also acquired a sizable land grant. Lonabaugh and Place oddly returned to the United States at least twice in the 1901 to 1904 time frame, even though the Pinkerton Agency was hunting for them. They abandoned their ranches in Argentina when the Pinkerton agency tracked them there and secured Argentine arrest warrants for them. She returned to the US a third time with Lonabaugh in 1905, and she remained in the US when he returned to South America. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

1899 Philippine Insurrection begins.

1899  The Wyoming battalion attached to the Second Brigade, First Division, for service in the Philippines.Attribution:  On This Day.

1903  Willis Van Devanter, at that time teaching at George Washington Law School, nominated by Theodore Roosevelt to the position of Justice of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

1905  Construction starts on Pathfinder Dam.

Presently construction is undergoing to raise the height of the dam to take into account a century of silting.

 Walkway on the top of the dam, soon to be removed due to dam being heightened.

View from the top of the dam, on one of the rare occasions that water is released through a tunnel from it.

1932  Fire destroyed the Washakie Hotel in Thermopolis.  Attribution:  Wyoming State Historical Society.

1945  USS Barbel, SS316, lost in action.

1955 Bear River Compact between Wyoming and Utah approved.


  1. Nice addition of pictures. Thank you for putting them in.

  2. Thank you. I try to do that when I can, but unfortunately quite a few times I have no topical pictures!

  3. February 3, 1971 was the day the Fremont Hotel burned in Lander. It was the biggest fire in Fremont County history and resulted in the death of one occupant, Mr. William Mockey, who was believed to have started the fire by accident while smoking in bed.